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FAbric Bookcase



The FA.B. fabric bookcase is an eco - focused book storage system with minimal environmental impact and a fabulous new way to arrange and protect your books and magazines. It is suitable for your home and office and it can be used as a bookcase and a room divider at the same time. Outside the rationale of any shelving system FA.B. offers the user renewable storage space. A single or more modular fabric units can be added to the wooden stand in a few minutes.

FA.B. is made of birch plywood. Birch wood - a tree native to Europe - when harvested from sustainably managed forests poses lower environmental and biodiversity risks than those from tropical and subtropical trees. The fabric units are made of a recyclable, resilient, stain resistant, wrinkle - free fabric. The use of the durable fabric along with the minimum possible use of wood, allow us to consume as little natural resources and raw materials as feasible, according to the "dematerialization" approach that our times require. The castors allow you to move your fully loaded FA.B. around the room effortlessly - as opposed to the traditional bookcase. FA.B. is a foldable - literally! - and easy to assemble flat -pack furniture. Self - assembly helps to reduce volume and thus carbon dioxide's emissions, during transportation.

fabric bookcase | dede design
fabric bookcase | dede design
fabric bookcase | dede design
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